Monday, December 3, 2012

Week #7

This past week has been pretty good. I'm going to highlight some of the best parts of the week for me:

I had been having some questions / doubts / worries, and I received Grandma Sandy's letter for me from Thanksgiving. Remember how I mentioned Elder Holland's granddaughter singing "If The Savior Stood Beside Me" last week, and how it affected me? Well, without even knowing about it, Grandma Sandy wrote me about the very same song - they're singing it in her Primary Program. It helped serve as a witness to me - a reminder of the feelings I felt just a few days earlier - of the Savior - and it has helped me. Witnesses help strengthen us. It was a good witness for me. Some people could brush something like this off as coincidence, but (something like this was said during one of our Devotionals) "There are no coincidences with the Gospel." Something like that. And, it's true. The Lord blesses our lives with everything He does for us. This week I have been blessed by His loving hand, His guidance, and have received answers to prayers. Meeting my friends at the Temple was an example of that, how He guides everything for us.

I got the opportunity to go and be a "New Missionary Host" this week, and it was pretty cool. I was there, waiting, hoping to see Elder Casper, Elder Channell, and Elder Talbert (I had actually prayed to see them) and I was sort of "drafted," so I left with that group. However, as I was leaving I thought I saw the Casper family waving at me (and MAYBE saw Elder Casper through his car window) and I waved back - it was them I found out later when I saw Elder Casper a couple of days I believe later.

When we got there, the staff member started telling us something like, "I know you wanted to help with the new missionaries, but the automatic dishwasher in the cafeteria is broken..." but he was joking - it was actually to help with some "internationals" who had arrived the night before. He asked if there was anyone who was "fluent in Spanish," and I volunteered, I said something like "I'm not fluent, but I'll try." It was a good experience. I got to help host TWO Elders at once actually. Elder A from Spain (who hardly spoke any English, so it was cool to get to be there talking to him - he complimented my Spanish, maybe part of that was being nice, but...) and Elder R from England. It was a good opportunity. If I had not gone when I did (I was on an exchange with Elder Burton for a while that day) then i may not have been pulled out to help in this instance.

After helping those two Elders, I ran back to continue helping with the incoming Elders. The Elder I got to help out next was named Elder R (or something like that). I helped him get his luggage to his room (I didn't do perfect with my assignment, but...) and his stuff, then we headed to his classroom. Lo and behold, when we arrived there I saw his companion, and guess who it was? Elder CHANNELL! It was pretty great, to be able to see him, and in such roundabout circumstances. Everything fell into place for the Lord to answer my prayers, and I was able to very briefly visit with him before running off to help some more (there weren't any other people to help, but that's okay). It was a good experience, and the Lord was kind to me. He watches over us. He helps shape our lives and guide them, in everything which we do.

Just as when Joseph was sold by his brothers into Egypt as a slave resulted in the salvation of the peoples of Israel, and Egypt, the Lord guides our lives. Being called to serve in the Primary, in order to have that connection with Grandma Sandy; and our letters talking about Primary, and songs; all helped me to receive the letter which helped strengthen and comfort me, and helped me to see the Lord's hand in my life. Deciding to shine / clean a bit my shoes, iron my shirt, and when we left resulted in me seeing my friends on Monday. Deciding to "host," serving where I did, being called to where I did, and little circumstances helped me receive an answer to my prayers. The Lord blesses and guides us. We need to have faith in Him, love Him, and serve Him. We need not "doubt" or "fear." We are under His watchful eye. He loves us so much that He sent His Son Jesus Christ to be our Savior.

Some changes have happened:
  • Elder C L (in another District in our Zone) went home because of medical problems - it is part of the Lord's plan, and it was part of His plan that we was here when he was.
  • Elder S received his Visa, and left this morning. We no longer have him with us. He was called to be one of the new Zone Leaders with his companion Elder C, who is now in a "trio" with Elder G and Elder B (Elder G and Elder C are the Zone Leaders).
  • I am the new District Leader - I pray that I can be effective, and a proxy for the Savior with my District - to help lift, edify, and take care of them. To help strengthen them. When President Monson talked about visiting the lonely in his address during the First Presidency Christmas Devotional I had some thoughts / ideas of how to serve them / how I should serve them. I want to be a servant, to help them. I've prayed and will continue to pray for help and guidance with this.

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