Monday, December 31, 2012

Week #11 - No Longer in Colorado...

I've got some GOOD news, and I've got some "bad" news:

I guess you have NOT heard by now my current situation, seeing as I haven't received any emails mentioning it. As you can tell by the subject line (if you noticed it), I am no longer in Greeley, Colorado.

On Wednesday, very shortly after I emailed you, we listened to a voice-mail from President Toombs. To sum it all up, I found out I was leaving Greeley the next day. Elder M. was going to be re-paired-up with Elder N., his trainer for 12 weeks, just prior to being my companion. He had expected to keep us for at least a transfer (until about January 28th), but they called and said they were ready for us. He did not know at the time that if he had put his foot down, as it were, he could have kept us. The thing that matters, is that he did not do that, so here I am, no longer in Colorado.

We drove to the Greeley Stake Center, where I dropped Elder M. off with the Zone Leaders, and drove with two of the Mission Office staff members. That was a bit after 7:30 (about 7:40 or so...). We drove to the Mission Offices about 45 or so minutes away, and were there for a little bit, before driving to the Denver Airport to catch our plane flight for 11:38. Our plane was delayed for a bit, but we go onto it. On the way over I got to sit next to a woman named Maya, and we talked about the Church. I gave her a pass-along card. MAYBE she'll look up the missionaries in the future. It was a good opportunity. Actually, I got coffee spilled on me - twice. The stewardess was trying to hand Maya her coffee, when she spilled a bit on me. Then, when Maya grabbed it, she spilled a bit on me too. It was alright though, no like burns or anything like that. So, yeah.

Arriving at the Salt Lake City Airport (this time as a returning missionary, sort of) we got our bags, and joined a group of other "visa waiters." One of these was Elder B., who had come from Las Vegas to receive his visa too. We rounded up the Elders, and then drove to the Mexican Consulate. While there I got my picture taken, signed for my visa, and then we waited. We learned that a few Elders would leave the next morning for Mexico, a few went back to the field (Elder B. included), and some were going back to the MTC. I found myself in that last group. We got food after a while, then waiting for some other missionaries, then we drove back to the MTC. Sometime after 9:00 we arrived at the MTC - again.

I was assigned a temporary companion (Elder J. K. A.), and roommates (Elder O. and Elder S.). The three of them had temporarily served in the Nevada Reno Mission, I believe. The next day (Friday) we learned our traveling arrangements, and Elder A. reported to the Travel Office to leave on Saturday morning at... 4:00 AM. Elder O. and Elder S. reported the same day at 11:30. This left me without roommates, or a temporary companion. I've been with a District in my old Branch (Zone). They had an open bed, and I've stayed with them since - need to go to Scheduling to find out official arrangements sometime today. The Elders in this District are pretty cool, I enjoy this group. Elder L. and Elder Macf. (who went to Timpanogos and is close friends with Elder M.), Elder S. and Elder W., Elder D. and Elder L., and Elder S. and Elder S. and Elder S. (the Zone Leaders). So, those are the Elders I've been going to class with, and spending time with. I've played a "member" in a few of their lessons too, it's been pretty good.

So, here I am with some extra time to prepare for my real mission. Oh, yeah. I leave on Thursday. I will be reporting to the Travel Office by 3:00 AM I believe. Yeah, that early. I will be flying from Utah to Texas, and while I'm in Texas I'll have a few hours (almost three) until my flight to Mexico. So, I'll call sometime between 8:45 and 12:30 or so (Utah time). Something in that window. So, yeah. You will get to hear from me sooner than we thought.

So, the "bad" news is that I'm not in Colorado, and therefore, I did not receive your mail (I got the first joint letter you mentioned). I also did not receive either package. Hopefully they can send it back home to Utah without much fuss. Sorry about that! Sorry you didn't find out earlier, before you sent that package. I was thinking I would leave for Mexico on Thursday and would call home, but I never did call home, and I came here to the MTC. Hopefully it doesn't cause you too much trouble. Thank you for the thought anyway, of sending me my jacket, and whatever else you sent.

I hope that you are all doing well, and enjoying life. Enjoy the end of the year, and be ready to have a great 2013. Next time you receive an email from me, it'll be international. I'm getting off now, but I am sending some pictures too.

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