Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Week #10 Merry Christmas!

My First Mission Christmas was as follows:

So, we got to talk to each other on the phone. Our original plan was to have breakfast at a member's home, but they called and canceled on us, so that did not happen. We continued to do studies, and whatever I think until we headed over to grab lunch at the home of some members. When we got there I had rice, tamales, some bread, and some juice and milk. There was a member already over visiting, and then more people came over to visit. After that Elder M and I drove to an area where we were going to drop by some potential investigators, to visit them or whatever. People either did not answer, or were like, "Oh, we're about to leave" or something along those lines. In that same place, there was a family of investigators who we dropped by to visit. We started off singing a Christmas hymn to them, when we were invited in to eat. So, we got to eat another meal.

The mail was pozole, with tamales and some soda. The night just before we had eaten some different pozole(soup with some meat, and large corn [hominy?]), with tamales. I did not have any tamales at that home, and the pozole was a different kind - not as spicy. Oh, and apparently it had some menudo meat in it. It was fine to me, I just ate it with the rest of the food. Didn't even know until later. So, it wasn't like REAL menudo, but I did have some. We visited with them, talked a bit about Christmas and stuff (the wife's brother and his family were there visiting, so we got to eat and visit with them too. After we wrapped up at their house, we left to go to the car.

I think we tried to visit some other people maybe? I'm not sure. Later, we arrived at another member home to have food. The two sister missionaries in our Branch, Sister E and Sister F, were talking with their families when we arrived. We were in that room with them while they talked, and then we had dinner. It was... Pozole, and I think there were (MAYBE?) tamales there too. Also, the same type of soda from the meal before. So, we had some of that, and bread, and it was pretty good. I liked it. That meal I added some avocado to my pozole, and it tasted pretty good. I also ate a big chunk of onion, for fun, for a good story type of deal. So, yeah.

After that we went caroling to a house of a friend of the member who fed us (with some of her family?) and sang a bit. Later, the four of us missionaries went and caroled a bit more - one house that invited us in had tamales on the table, and the same soda. Maybe it's a Mexican, Christmas tradition, these specific foods and drinks. So yeah, it was a pretty good Christmas overall.

Hopefully you had a good Christmas back at home with Grandma, and were all safe and happy.

Also, I'm going to talk a bit about my companion Elder M:
Elder M's family is originally from Peru, but they are converts to the Church. He joined when he was about 10 years old. He actually went to the same High School as me, graduating two years ahead. We actually listened to or at least know some of the same bands from back before our missions. He's a pretty nice Elder. So, yeah.

Alright, I'm going to finish this week's email. Have a great week, enjoy the rest of the year, have a Happy New Year!

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