Monday, November 26, 2012

Week #6 - Thanksgiving at the MTC


So, I don't know everything that has been going on, but I guess Mexico elected a new President, and they've changed their visa policy. I've heard of an Elder who received his visa, but with the change no longer has it. Now, I don't know 100% about what the visa situation is, but I do know that even before this Mom heard about somebody who served months state-side before finally making it to Mexico, so we shall see what happens for me. I could see me staying some extra time here at the MTC. Part of me kind of wants to. I think it would be cool to be here for Christmas. We might even have an Apostle come and speak (Elder Bednar came last Christmas - which was on a Sunday). This year Christmas Day is on a Tuesday, which is a Devotional day anyway, but even if it weren't (it is on Tuesday, right?) they would maybe make an exception and have one of the Twelve (or even the First Presidency) come and speak. They did for Thanksgiving. More on that later. I think I may get to call home before I leave the MTC. If I am here on Christmas, as you know, I won't get to call home that day. However, it would still be cool to be here that day. I'm alright serving state-side for a few months, but I still want to eventually make it to Mexico. We shall see what the Lord has in store. Dad, you had visa problems of your own (and I tell the story), so if I do it's like what happened to you. It would be ironic if I was re-assigned to Spain, but that probably won't happen.

So, the Apostle who came to speak to us was... ELDER HOLLAND:
Elder Holland and his wife, and some of their family came and spoke to us, and shared their time with us for Thanksgiving. Sister Holland spoke of a missionary experience she had once, some of their grandchildren either performed (one granddaughter sang "If The Savior Stood Beside Me" and it had me teary, it was good) or bore testimony, and Elder Holland talked about how blessed we are to live when we do. We get to live in the "Dispensation of the Fullness of Times" - the time that all have looked forward to. He talked of prophets of old, and the Apostles; about how they must have looked forward to our day, knowing that they were playing a losing game in their time - that they would lose, but that finally we would win. WE will not lose, but they did. Every other dispensation fell away into Apostasy, even the one in which the Savior Himself established His Church upon the earth. He talked about not knowing "why," but that we are blessed. He also talked about how the mission: "This IS real life!" or something like that. "This is as close to the Savior as you will ever be..." Something along those lines. We should not just go on a mission, but become missionaries. We should CHANGE, and be different people, better people - better disciples, when we return from our labors.

We had a goofy little program, performed some service, and watched a movie. We got to watch 17 Miracles - and it was good. It was the first time I got to see it. There were many moments where I was either on the brink of tears, or had some tears. One of those moments was spoken of during the most recent General Conference - when a pioneer woman found two old "sea biscuits" and through her faith in the Lord, and a miracle, was able to feed her family. Well, I'm running short on time. It was good though.

Also, today while going to the Temple, Elder Harrop and I ran into two of my friends: Jordan and Bean! We visited with them for a bit, and it was good. Bean actually showed me the picture. They both have the same tie I bought (I've worn it every Wednesday) - and Michael at least is getting one too. It was nice to see them, I was glad to get to visit with them. It was a blessing.

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