Monday, November 12, 2012

Week #4

Hey everyone! Thank you for the letters, and the package! Thank you for your kindness, and for the Christmas gift as well. Hope everything is going well for everyone back at home.

So, first off - I forgot my camera until we already arrived at the laundry place - sorry! No pictures this week... I got a picture yesterday of me in Dad's/my trench-coat and his Mission Tie. Dad, before next week I WILL get that picture in front of the big map, and I will upload it, along with other pictures for all of you. Sorry again, at least the blog has some of my words, right?

Hmm... where to start... This week has been pretty good overall. Although, some of the studying has been lacking. Our planning, and follow-through, and focus on our "investigators" was weak for a while. Our "investigators" are doing alright - we even gave one of them a baptismal date. The problem is, we need to make sure we can teach everything in time, go with his needs, and also make sure he is keeping commitments. It's not a real, real investigator, so... I think it might be alright to write about them? Real ones I believe you're supposed to either not give a lot of details, or names, or whatever.

What else? In case I didn't mention them before, we've heard from the following members of the Seventy: Elder Larry Echo Hawk, Elder Don R. Clark, Elder W. Craig Zwick, and... tomorrow is our fifth Tuesday - it could be an Apostle. I guess they come every six or so weeks (maybe?) and this Tuesday is that mark. The last one was Elder Bednar about two weeks before we got here. Yep. It would be cool to get an Apostle, or member of the First Presidency. So, we shall see, and I shall let you know next week if we got one. If not this week, maybe the next?

Okay. Yesterday Elder H and I stayed after the Devotional to watch the film The Testaments of One Fold and One Shepherd. It was good, I'm glad that we watched it. I got teary-eyed multiple times: during parts when the Savior healed people, when he arrived in the Americas (maybe?), and when he was blessing the children (I felt some), and at the end when "Jacob" is describing Him to his father, and when the Savior addresses the blinded father by name and heals him. Yep. It was good stuff. Also a bit of emotion during a primary song we sang before the devotional.

Today, as on every P-day, we went to the Temple. As we were finishing, one of the workers there stopped to talk with me. I'll share more sometime with the family at least, but as we finished he said something like, "I don't know why I stopped to talk to you...". I wrote about it in my journal, and some of the things he said were things that, if I can remember and hold true to, can help me be a strong missionary.

Alright family, and friends, I'm off very shortly from the email. I apologize once again to people who have not received a letter from me (or in a while). This week I plan on at least writing to Jordan, Grandma Terry and Grandpa Tom, and Grandma Sandy. That means, sorry Savanna, and Bean (no reply yet from Michael for the short reply I sent him).

Everybody have a great week! Stay strong! Pray often! Pray for me too? Enjoy the snow! It's Christmas(y)!

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