Monday, November 5, 2012

Week #3

In case I don't write to any of my friends this week, I'm sorry! Have yourselves good weeks!

My companion and I get along well-enough, but we could improve on strengthening our companionship. He and I have some differences. Today I felt like maybe I was causing him some grief. My kind roommates helped us out, but I still caused us to miss breakfast. Here's the story:

I was late getting ready this morning, so I put the black ink or whatever on my shoes, was in the hall ironing my shirt, when it was time to go to breakfast. My companion was fretting or whatever, so my roommates, Elder B and Elder M finished off my shoes for me - kind of them. They left, and we were still too late for breakfast. We could have made it in, but the doors were closed, and it was after closing time. We have cards we swipe, and I don't know / think the machine would have taken them at this point. So, we went to the store. We went to the Temple afterwards, and on our way back others went to lunch, but my companion and I went to our room and did the scheduled "personal study." He complied, but maybe he wasn't totally happy about it. So, yeah...

Speaking of kind Elders. There is this one Elder in our District named Elder S (P.S. - he knows Skyler T, he even roomed with him. Dad / Mom / whoever, tell Skylar we're in the same District?) He receives many packages from his mom / family, and he comes and shares with us. Like, often. Almost, if not every, night when we aren't fasting, he comes. Elder S is a nice guy. When I got treats from home I said something like, "Now I can be charitable like Elder S" or whatever, and Elder B (I believe) later told me that Elder S heard me and had a huge smile when I said that. He and I have gone to choir together, and to perform with the choir on "splits" or "exchange" - our companions haven't gone to it, so...

My time is running short. Sorry I haven't told you a ton about the schedule yet. It varies by day, but: We wake up at 6:30 or so, have like 30 minutes to prepare, have about 2 - 3ish hours of different types of study, 6 (technically) hours of class time (including language, training, study, and teaching "investigators") every day but Sunday, and eating, planning. The last hour of the day (9:30 - 10:30) is "Personal time." Sorry that's brief.

Have a great week everyone! Keep me in your prayers? Thanks!

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