Monday, November 19, 2012

Week #5

Earlier this week we had a lesson that did not go that well... I pretty much dominated the lesson, and did not really apply it well to our "investigator." And yes, they are real people who play investigators, and we teach them. The two we teach are actually our normal teachers. Anyway, for the next lesson we had (that same day) we did better. Elder H actually did most of the talking, sharing a personal experience for a lot of the time. Our subsequent lesson with that investigator went well too. Although, tonight is our first time teaching again to the investigator we did not do so well with, so we shall see how we can sort of repair that lesson with him. Good news is that both of them have baptismal dates to prepare for, but we'll see how they progress. A lot of this week has actually applied to the fact that we need to not just teach the lessons, and not just focus on fixing their needs, but a good balance where we are to apply the lessons to them. It can be written this way, the different approaches: Teach the investigator. Teach the lesson. Teach the investigator the lesson. We need to follow the plan, unless the Spirit directs otherwise, and apply it to the investigators.

Yesterday I was on an extended "split / exchange" with Elder S. We went to choir, then time after that, then dinner, then the fireside, then sort of during the video even after we refound our companions. In fact, during the Devotional we were recruited as last-minute "Ushers." We helped fill in seats before the devotional. Our whole district is going to usher next Sunday, so we got in a bit of experience before that. The video which we watched was The Mountain of the Lord and I thought it was pretty good. One thing I liked from the film was where "Wilford Woodruff" said something along the lines of "If you believe in the Savior, you already believe in proxy work" (he was talking about ordinances for the dead). In case you don't know, which you probably do, the film was about the building and dedication of the Salt Lake Temple.

You remember those Missionaries who met the new Elders and Sisters as they arrived at the MTC? Well, next week I want to be one of them (November 28th). That means I could be the "Host" for Jordan, Joe, or Craig. That would be pretty cool, to be the one to see them, and guide them for a little bit. Or at least to see them as I helped somebody else. So, we'll see how it all goes. I'll let you know in two weeks.

We did not in fact, get an Apostle. However, this Thursday for Thanksgiving we're having "one of the Twelve" I believe. I think if it were Elder Scott, or Elder Nelson, or maybe Elder Anderson, that could be pretty cool. Any of them, but still... I'll let you know next week how it was. We're also going to be doing some kind of service that day. And maybe a fireside too? Fireside and a Devotional perhaps, basically.

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