Monday, October 22, 2012

1st Week MTC

A quick run-down of the week:

Wednesday (Day 1):

After I was dropped off I was taken to get my name tag, my handbook, my key and other stuff. Then we proceeded to make our way through the MTC to my apartment/room. I got to choose my bed (although at least one already had luggage on it), and I got a lower bunk bed.  Similar to how I had my bed arranged at home, I have my pillow located so that when I sleep, if I am on my right side I face the wall. It's pretty good. My desk is right across from it. I share the desk area with Elder M (who isn't my companion). My companion shares the desk with him.  My seat is the closest to the door to our room, so sometimes I scoot so that the door can be passed through/opened - similar to sitting on my computer back at home with our laundry room. It's been pretty good.

Anyway, back to the first day. After dropping off my stuff we went through the Bookstore area to get my stuff (Spanish scriptures, learning materials, etc.) then made my way to the classroom. After doing some basic Spanish stuff we went to the lab. I received a little envelope at the beginning with my tags, etc. which had the name of my companion and room, classroom, etc. but I did not meet my companion until after some orientation stuff in the lab. When we did meet, we came to find out that we both have the exact same suit, and our birthdays are one day apart - he is right ahead of me. His name is Elder H. The rest of the day was filled with stuff, orientation, etc. We sang and the MTC President and some others talked to us.

I room with Elder B, Elder M, and my companion Elder H. Our District has eleven people in it. There were supposed to be twelve of us (six companionships) - but one Elder from Mexico was moved up to the higher class, so we have a trio in our District. In about two weeks or so (?) we're losing about half of our district to the Peru MTC - that includes our District Leader Elder T. Then District 4B will be only six people. So far it's been pretty good. Elder T interviewed us (being the District Leader and all) on Saturday I believe and it went pretty well.

Thursday (Day 2):

More stuff happened this day... We're pretty busy. It was either on this day or Friday that we locked ourselves out of our room. Yes, that is right. None of the four of us had our keys or MTC cards with us. So... Elder B borrowed sandals from our District Leader and he and his companion Elder M went tothe  front desk with at least one Zone Leader I think.  It was an adventure.

Friday (Day 3):

Stuff happened today. Maybe I'll give some more info next week... or in a letter or something... Today we had our first lesson with our "investigator." Elder H didn't get much of a chance to talk, I was talking a lot.

Saturday (Day 4):

We taught our second lesson to our first "investigator." Elder H and I were more balanced as far as who got to talk in this lesson.

Sunday (Day 5):

Sunday was a pretty good day. First we had Priesthood, then later in the day we had sacrament meeting (and I understood a lot of the talks, and some stuff in the hymns too). I'm leaving some stuff out, but that's okay. My time is running short to write on here. We get 30 minutes each Preparation Day.

Moving on to some good stuff from Sunday: went to choir practice with an "authorized split" with a different companion, Elder H decided not to go to choir. It was great. The director kept stopping and sharing spiritual insights. The song talks about the Atonement. Afterwards the four of us who went to choir shared with our District (twice because there were Elders who came in later) about what we learned, and other things about the Atonement. I talked about John 3:16 and a related story of a video we watched in Seminary. It was good. Different insights different sharings.

During the fireside there was a special musical number, and during the meeting I got some spiritual insights / ideas, etc. At the end when we were singing about being Missionaries. It was a good day. Afterwards, we watched a devotional from Elder David A. Bednar from (I think) April 2009 about recognizing the Spirit. It was a good day.

Monday (Day 6):

That's today. I'm getting off. I'll write you next week.

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